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What is dog daycare?

Dog daycare is a fun, supervised environment where your dog can exercise and interact with other dogs and our staff. Play activity takes place in both indoor and outdoor play areas. Nap time is from 12:00p.m. until 2:00 p.m. Daycare is for dogs that are friendly with other dogs.

Can my dog come to daycare?

Great question! Not all dogs are comfortable in the daycare environment. If your dog doesn't like other dogs, he probably won't like daycare. Part of our enrollment process is to see if this is the right environment for your pet. We want your dog to be happy, and we will always be honest with you if we think they won't be happy here.

Do you offer overnight boarding?

We do not offer overnight boarding


How about a free shuttle to Grrs ‘n' Purrs Grooming?

Oh twist our arm why don't ya! We are happy to drop off your dog at the groomer right next door. Please give them a call to make an appointment and we will make sure your grubby camper is tired AND clean when you pick them up.

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